Cydia Tweaks iOS 9.3.3 Whatsappwebenabler Rippleboard Many more

Top 5 Cydia Tweaks iOS 9
Top 5 Cydia Tweaks iOS 9


Smile battery is a Cydia tweak optimized for iOS 9. And have full Compatibility with all iOS 9 to 9.3.3. If you are excited about changing your battery % percentage to an emoji style you are most welcome by installing this tweak. Noted that there are no editing options available there is in the Settings for more customizing it. You will just need to install it from Cydia. Smilebattery is little small addon but it’s amazing. here are Top 10 and more Top 20 Cydia Sources Repos.



Whatsappwebenabler has become very handy if you are using your desktop more than the iPhone or any iDevice you have. Within the WhatsApp, it will enable Web button so you can directly from there your code and keep in touch friends and family. Whatsappwebenabler perfectly supports not just the new iOS 9 but also the Old device running iOS 4 to up to 9. Which mean Older iPhones like 3G and 3Gs user can also use this.





Rippleboard is amazing if you do like the animation on your springboard home screen. It can be installed on the previous releases iOS 7, 8 and the 9 or 9.3.3, without any issues and compatibility problems. Just like its name Ripple Board will enable animation like Ripples when you can keep touching your home screen. Keep in mind that there are options there in the settings for tweaking it more if you want to.





Alertclose is made for managing your device notifications by the different type of activity like for example, opening and closing of Apps, or launching applications. Dismissing or cancellations of  multitasking by swiping up on App Switcher. Alertclose Cydia tweak is optimized for iOS 9 and has no problem while in terms compatible with iOS 8. Configure it if you like there from Setting App.






CcColor made it easy to colorize the Control Center of the iPhone or any iDevice running iOS 9 or 8. There are colors by default and more customs colors can be added very easily. Have a look at the screenshot below and colorize Control Center the way you like.






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