How Do I Add My Day in Facebook Messenger Procedure

Learn how to add your favorite post of the day or adding photos or videos in your Messenger Day.

How to Add My Day in Facebook Messenger Application
How to Add My Day in Facebook Messenger Application

A new feature has been introduced by Facebook Messenger in Android with a new version released on April 19 called My Day. Adding your day is like to sharing to sharing your favorite’s photos or videos in Facebook Messenger with your loved ones. The picture of the day or your favorite video of the day is what is called add a day in Facebook Messenger.

You can add people and your friends or family members in your day in Facebook Messenger. Which will be shown or appear to be on the top of the Messenger Application. Well, to be honest, it is a great feature but it is kind of taking space in the App looking a little bit ugly to me.

Yes, there should at least just one notification in your smartphone notification center. But it should not be supposed to be always on the top of the app. Anyhow if you are interested in adding your day in Fb Messenger see the below steps.

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Adding your day in Facebook Messenger:

1: first thing first, you should have installed the latest application from the Google Play Store. And make sure it works fine. (This feature is not available for old versions).
2: Open up the latest Facebook Messenger Application on your smartphone and tap on the little round camera icon at the bottom of the app.
3: Simply create the post and then tap on the little arrow going towards the right side of the display.
4: Finally tap on the My Day to let it add to your day or you can choose to send it as a text message.
5: Finally then Tap on Send. That’s it.

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So after that, you will be to analyze who recently viewed your day. Remember the day will be auto disappear right after 24 hours. All you are doing with the day in limited to Facebook Messenger only. Nothing will be posted or shown in the Facebook Application.

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