SMS is better with Facebook Messenger | Updated Features

SMS is better with Facebook Messenger {Updated Features}
SMS is better with Facebook Messenger {Updated Features}


A new feature has been added to Facebook Messenger Application. It’s actually not new but updated, and it’s great. The following is added to the Facebook Messenger Application. Today we’ve got a new update that SMS is better with Messenger.

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SMS is better with Facebook Messenger {Updated Features}


By installing the latest from the Google Play, you would be able to use and customize the colors of the Emoji. For all of your text messages conversations.

You can organize your text inbox by filtering and enjoy much more features like separate the spam to another folder etc.

When it comes to privacy, Facebook says the care about you and your data the most. It’s their top priority. As before your text messages, content is not sent to Facebook.

Learn here how to can enable or disable the SMS with Facebook Messenger Application. The guide is with screenshots and details. Before that make sure to install the latest version of the Application. You may want to know about the previous version Facebook Messenger Update Version Key Features.


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