Ubuntu MATE 16.10 tweaks Features Whats New Linux

Ubuntu MATE 16.10 Features
Ubuntu MATE 16.10 Features

Ubuntu MATE 16.10 Features:

Finally, we have got the perfect release of the MATE desktop know as Ubuntu MATE 16.10. Ubuntu Previously released the Yakkety Yak 16.10 which has also great features and perfect stable OS among all the other Distros. Then Mate is full re-textured and polished version. Amazing soft and clean UI user interface and complete Linux Operating System. Let’s see what we have got in the new version.

  • Snapping and multitasking are fully featured now and works great.
  • Search windows are full of capabilities now and run smoothly.
  • Unity styles and SYNAPSE are quite improved.
  • Place your Taskbar wherever you want whenever you want.
  • GNOME Package is improved to version 3.18. Like Clocks, Weather, Photos, Disks,
  • Boutique Software Center is now the Default store in ubuntu MATE.
  • The default webcam is now CHEESE.
  • New Variety of Wallpapers is added for looks even better.
  • You can now choose a dock instead of a Taskbar which is unique and stable.


Search Features Ubuntu Mate 16.10


Clocks Ubuntu Mate 16.10

Multitasking Features in Ubuntu Mate 16.10

taksbar features ubuntu features Mate

Software Center Boutique Mate

Desktop 1.16.0:

  • The desktop version is upgraded to the latest 1.16.0 which is even more perfect now.
  • Almost all the previous bugs were noted are quietly fixed now.
  • Some new and updated translation are added.
  • Amazing soft and clean UI user interface and complete Linux Operating System.

Mate 16.10.9 Artwork:

  • Firefox browser is upgraded to the latest version as well as the Downloading progress bar also.
  • Date and time known issues are fixed in Mate.
  • Locations and searches work great now in Firefox.
  • OSD colors are great now.
  • Some know theming and toolbars issues are fixed and upgraded.

Dock Applet 075:

  • Installed App will be minimized with their own windows animation style.  Also, will have the ability to be disabled which is great.
  • The panels and windows colors are now quite matching.
  • Compiz integration is now optimized now works great when you are opening an app.
  • Noted bugs are fixed.


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